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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hard in the paint

I know it's been a while since my last post and now I'm dropping back in after so long to write
about my current favorite rapper and not food or cooking but that's a really long story, I'll get to it. Now I just feel the need to rep for this dude, Waka Flocka a.k.a. Waka Flocka Flame. I think the first jam I heard from WF was "I Work Hard" which I featured in a previous blog post. What I didn't mention then was that one night I accidentally fell asleep with this song playing in my headphones on repeat (also accidental) and listened to it like 86 times in an unconscious state. More recently, I was stuck on this one jam called "Hard in the Paint" which turned the lyric "I go hard in the muthafuckin paint" into a new mantra for me and my roommate at work. Then I just two days ago copped "Bodybag" from Muzikfene which has basically been on repeat in my brain and on itunes.

Waka Flocka really isn't even that good of a lyricist, and unfortunately he has often gotten stuck with the chaff of Zaytoven's occasionally just-plain-shitty-in-every-regard beats. What's really gripping and to me enamoring about dude is just how fucking real he keeps it. Firstly, all of his songs are basically about his commitment to his lifestyle and even more so his squad - primarily his cousin Radric Davis a.k.a. Gucci Mane. He sort of plays the Hell Rell to Gucci's Cam'ron - that motherfucker that you can tell would probably take 25 to life or a bullet for the more popular rapper that made him (although those days may be over for Rell and Cam). His love for Gucci is consummate, when asked where he got his ridiculous rap moniker, his reply is just, "Gucci's crazy ass." His song titles include shit like "Work Hard," "I go hard," "I go hard in the Paint," and "Blunt Music," which while one might assume is about smoking blunts is actually just about the style of his lyricism: "This ain't metaphor or punchline music/This is real talk I'm talkin' straight blunt music." Holy Shit! I think that's really cool.

Flocka also likes to put other things simply: his commitment, (from "Go hard..") "What I stand for - BRICK SQUAD/Im'a die for this shit man I swear to god," his mentality: "All I know is smoke weed, rob, steal and sell dope/Roll dice, get money and gang bang with my folk" and his aversion to snitching: "Police hit the scene, but don't say shit, they gon ask you, what happened? who got shot? who done fired shots? reply back 'I aint seen JACK SHIT, I ain't sayin SHIT, I ain't no SNITCH" Hard as nails, man. But i mean basically all his music is in this vein, the dude is just a fucking straight-up soldier. All his ad-libs are either him screaming his name, one of his boys' names, or assorted gun sounds. He wears a lot of red. Tatted as fuck.

My only hope is that dude doesn't go the way of some other rappers by getting big and basically weak. I see Gucci going this way soon, we all saw what the fuck happened to Lil wayne, but even dudes like Yo Gotti seem to be softening up because of making money rapping and not having to trap anymore, or even devote that much time to their music. Jeezy was tight when he was rapping about trapping, he was actually still aight when he was rapping about how all that trapping got him rich and he got to buy cool shit and you can too, but now it's just one some puh-lease type shit where he's rich and lazy. There's hope obviously, Hell Rell isn't really hugely successful comparatively but also pretty fucking successful, comparatively. But he keeps it real, grimy, and hard as fuck. Hopefully Waka can do the same without actually having to take a serious charge for Gucci or something worse.

I'll post some music in a sec.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I started a twitter for all you suckas.

Definitely for personal consumption.

Just had a visitor so I been busy, also got a new job, more on alladat soon.