I'm on a roll, so butter me

Saturday, September 19, 2009



I would have to say that my #1 hobby - before eating, sleeping, and masturbation - is blowing money; like, large amounts of money. Stacking money is great, opening up the butter thingy in the refrigerator door to see that grip of literally cold hard cash and just counting it for fun is very satisfying and therapeutic, but even better is just taking half of it and spending it on a whim. While my penchant for capricious spending has at times landed me in all sorts of trouble and ensuing broke-ass depression, it has also provided me with some of the most enriching and just plain TIGHT experiences of my life, and my most recent rainbow expenditure proved to be nothing less - I spent a lot of euros on a plane ticket to Iceland, and had an ARCTIC BLAST.

Iceland is a really, really beautiful place. I would like to die there, if such things were easy to plan, because I would feel fine about it surrounded by mountains and clean (double clean) air. I would also maybe even believe in my old (hopefully) age and likely senility that I would end up at the Gates of Valhalla or just all up in some glacier-obscuring fog playing chess with Bobby Fischer and Varg Vikernes (I guess I'd be playing black). In my old age I would eat the finest meat in the world - sheep, fowl, and fish are all just loafing around in nature as god intended and taste accordingly. Also pure are the streams and creeks floating down from the glaciers so I just drank from them free of Giardia concerrrrrnnsss. I would read sagas on a beach with black sand (I hope you just thought about Ludacris and not Vikings) looking at some bleak but awesome huge waves. And when I feel death truly knocking, I can just wander out into the wilderness as I please, becuase outside of the cities there really is no private property at all, something I am completely unused to but 1000% captures how I feel the world should be.

But for now I am still very much a young man in spirit, so onto other matters and thangs that make me want to return to Iceland ASAFP. The food is good if you know where to go, which my tour guide apparently had on lock. First off they have a lot of cool American products in the grocery stores, making the grocery store more of the familiar experience that it should be. The bakeries also have much tighter bread than Germany and the pastries were really good, especiall y the DONUTS, called "American Donuts."

Restaurants are also pretty cool, you can enjoy endless coffee and water (this doesn't happen elsewhere in Europe). We went to this Thai place that was really good, although when I ordered "Jungle Curry" (how could I not?) the OWNER of the restaurant told me he did not recommend it and that I should order something else. Naturally this only encouraged me, and it really didn't turn out to be too spicy, actually quite delicious! Otherwise I ate at Nonnabitti - finally a real sub! And at this hot-dog place twice, which famously served Bill Clinton (serving him a hot dog, not serving flesh of the ex-president). I really liked all the food, I miss that aspect a lot actually.

The weekend night shit is on a whole other level. I guess you just do the Berlin-style shit where you know the bars are open til 6am so you hang at someone's crib sippin' until like 2 or 3 then just hit up a spot, except the spot in Reykjavik is THE SPOT. There's just like one main street/intersection of bars on some Bourbon Street chaos status up in that: people running around, shouting, ambulances, vomiting, breaking glass - it was bedlam! But once inside it was pretty chill but the ceiling was kind of low, yo. But I got pretty wasted.

Otherwise I swam in this secluded pool heated by the earth, went all behind some big-ass waterfall and saw like 3 or 4 rainbows, whatever. Naw on the real I gotta say Iceland is on some
truly mystical scenery, I loved it and I want to go back!

Sunday, September 6, 2009



Recently my friend Cory told me about this new place on Danziger Strasse where they were serving authentic Mexican food, listening to reggaeton, and giving out free tequila. Oh, ok.

I went to this place three times in one week, the food was just leaps and bounds beyond most anything I had eaten in Berlin, especially for the price. MB keeps it real on the price tip as well, most of the shit there costs 4-6 euros.

Anyway without getting conflict of interest here, after all you should by now trust my opinions as far as restaurants go, I got a job here and it is a really nice change. The guys I work for are really cool, basically my age, and pay a fair wage. If you find yourself in the B stop by and say what's up! The beer is actually cold!