I'm on a roll, so butter me

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Bong Bong Biddy Bing Bing Hooooiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg

What is getting me through the days lately? I'm stoked on very few things right now, which makes for an infrequently updated blog. Worth a raised eyebrow, however:

This balloon hoax, very reminiscent of a classic Simpson's episode, except this family is about ten times more stupid and you will be too if you continue to watch CNN and not The Simpsons.

Ah, my old friend the New York Times and their travel guide to another old friend Richmond, Virginia. How do they write these 36 hour guides? It reads like another case of outsourced journalism: perhaps someone in Indonesia simply read one edition of Richmond Magazine, or just spent 36 minutes on the phone with a Richmond 30-something that has probably lived there for about two months. Granted, it would be difficult to paint a pretty picture of the place, but Quirk Gallery? Kuba Kuba? The culinary joke that is The Black Sheep? AND SINCE WHEN do "floppy-haired musicians, to gay hipsters with pierced eyebrows, to mothers from the West End suburbs pushing strollers" express an eclectic spectrum of shoppers? Better read: "A city full of lazy dumbasses." BAH WHY BOTHER OH LOOK ANOTHER FUCKING OP-ED FROM BONO

Three part Gucci mane mixtape "The Cold War." "Guccimerica," "Brrrussia," and "Brrritain." These are coming out so quick THEY ARE NOT PROPERLY MIXED. Why is Gucci so loud (fuzzy) and Drake so quiet on what is otherwise a hot track, "Street Cred"??? (which Killer Mike BEASTS btw). I also like the covers: Guccimerica he looks pretty thuggin throwin up the sets, then for Russia he seems sad about something, and acutally pulls of a pretty good Russian euro-trash look. BUT THEN on Great BRrrrrritain it looks like Dj Scream is holding Gucci up on some weekend at Bernie's type shit.

Brussels Sprouts back in stores.