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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hungry Happy Sleepy

This is my first post after having turned 25 years old. What have I been doing with my life up to this quarter-century anniversary? Hmmm. I was Born, I masturbated listening to "Doin' It" by LL Cool J (only during the girl parts), I went to College and then I moved to Berlin. I'm sure there were a few other things along the way, but there has been one steadfast companion throughout:
when times get rough the other set of footprints in the sand are gone because I am lighting that joint with feet and smoking it.

There are people in the world that love smoking weed so much that they will take time out of
their lives to make things like this video and I thank god for it. This is one of the best weed songs ever, I remember it being the opening credits song for "How High" (the best weed movie ever, sorry Dave Chappelle). But anyway Kirby hits a bong (and you know he can hit a bong) and gets all dazed and does his flying around shit while listening to Cypress Hill? And that weed-leaf cross-fade? FAR-OUT. Kirby was a tight game.

Some knowledge and Wisdom from Katt.

This might be the best weed inspired youtube clip of all time, but mostly becuase of the comments. This video is just two images from "Leprechaun in the Hood 2" oh wait..."Leprechaun 6 Back to the Hood," switching back and forth with what appears to be every fade effect from iMovie. Apparently more than 95,000 people have watched this video, and even a few commented. Here are the highlights:

i would make friends with that leprechaun if he didnt fuckin kill everybody

leprechaun smokin a bong

Ha mah nigga smoking ta krayzie bone! See mah bio lepercon straight out the hood East cleveland est 99
daum ese me and dat lepercon would get along shit sens he kills shit ill make him kill my fucken hook up so i dont gotta pay

My favorite, probably the number one most spoken phrase when high:

This is tight.