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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Dude, this shit just plain fucking rules. Watch this video, read what happened at the shoot, and then watch it again. MG is right, this is "Ha" to the Nth degree, maybe the best video since and that was more than 10 years ago. I'm getting old! I remember rocking out to "Ha" in the mirror when I was 14.

Pill - Trap Goin Ham from Motion Family on Vimeo.

Plus there is some cooking of sorts going on.


It's like they ain't a GAWD no mo.

Recent events have taken a turn for the worse, and I've been burning the candle at both ends all the while (well really just shooting it with a flocka-FLAMEthrower). If Berlin has taught me anything, it is how to push everything to the very limit, nay, the brink of death, to deny my body the rest it needs to function properly and to only succumb to fatigue when the drugs are gone and there's otherwise nothing better to do. But at this point it is not for some self-destructive downward spiral, but rather becuase I don't know how much time I have left at this party.

My visa was sort of denied so I may have to return to the USA soon, where it may be difficult readjusting to "American-style" routines, laws, and toilets. This is all still up in the air however - the Germans are strict but deliberate - so even their decision making process could take up to three months. Three long months for me to put three long years on my body.

Some things still make me happy though,

and the girl at the Gelato Bar down the block oh im so saccharine wid it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009



"Best Carrot Cake I ever ate"?!
Who is this Stefanie?
yo googs if she nasty tell that freak get at me

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


One time I saw a license plate that said "OHALENA" - this burnt egg made me think of it.

I love Korean food. It's my favorite. Every since I used to have the luxury of getting my mind blown three days a week by this place in Richmond, I've been a Koko fiend. Korean food has definitely come up as far as food trendiness, with David Chang's Momofuku Empire at the forefront. So far in Berlin I've managed to eat at one Korean Restaurant that for some reason fronts as a Sushi spot. I don't think they know what they are sitting on, the Korean food here is quite good, good enough to sustain a restaurant, one would think. Although I don't think there is any other Sushi on Oderberger Str., a popular shop/eat/cafe street in Berlin.
But I digress.
Hipster Korean has hit Berlin, and while I'm cool with that (a man could waste a whole life getting pissed about trendy assholes bringing or getting brought by their trendy Asian girlfriends to hip Asian restaurants) mostly because it means more Korean for me, I gotta say these fools got a lot too cocky wit it, and think they can get away with it.
Granted I caught this place in its relatively nascent period (first day open) I could just tell it was built as a self-indulgent playground couched in a false air of uniqueness. That being said, because I don't want to seem like some out of control hater pre-judging based on the hip factor, the food was slaaaaack. Firstly, the portion size was way small for how much it cost, my side order of Kimchi cost 2.50 euro and it must have been about 1/8 oz. The bibimbap didn't really fill me up neither. That being said it was all tasty but there was one fatal error that I consider inexcusable:

Now, the food took about 50 minutes to get out to us, but hey, first day kinks being worked out, they looked pretty busy, that I can handle. But when my food did arrive, looking very appetizing though a touch paltry, I dug in to find that my fried egg had been burned. Now, one of the joys of bibimbap is stirring everything up and letting that yolk ooze out and mingle with a bit of everything. However, while looking somehow nice on the top, which I suppose made the dish presentable, the bottom was burnt (as shown) and tasted like fucking charcoal, and with no yolk ooze to speak of. Well damn. I understand if you are rushed and busy, but frying an egg properly takes 30 seconds, and an egg costs fucking 10 cents. Throw that shit out and cook another one. Daaaaaaaaayum.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Elbows off the table Mssr. Kobe

Well first off a hearty congrats to the Black Mamba and the LA Lakers for a less than stunning victory over the wherever Magic.

More importantly who is this fine-ass French woman with whom Kobe is so eager to eat? None other than Clotilde Dusoulier (doesn't everything in French need to be italicized?), the beautiful jeune fille /food blogger behind CHOCOLATE & ZUCCHINI. Currently I am running through the French Food Idioms posts on her blog which are pretty hilarious, as they are either a lot like American expressions or just insulting. I especially like the attempt at glossing over the classism in this one. Otherwise there is some really awesome food on this blog, and while most of it is innaccessable to me at this point, albeit food porn, I still learn a lot and its anecdotal aspect can be fun. And Clo is about a bajillion times hotter than Mark Bittman.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I think it's about time to bid adieu to the insipid, incestuous, and innocuous Dining and Wine section of the New York Times. What may have at one time been a valuable resource for those curious about the culinary styles of America's Greatest City's haute cuisine has become a self-glorification engine, catering (pardon the pun) to "liberal" "foodies" who are most likely wealthy enough to participate in every aspect of this truffle-oil soaked rag.
First, you have articles about "food in America today" that are either by Micheal Pollan or make no shame in quoting Michael Pollan every third paragraph and of course noting that he is a "frequent contributor to the New York Times." For NYT readers, these articles allow them a sigh of relief for not being poor and assuredly that strange moral comfort from simply being "aware" of the plight of the poor. So people get sad for a little while and think really hard about going to Dean & Deluca or 69th street farmer's market or whatever. For about an hour.
Then of course the wonderful, quirky, instructional cooking on NYT, now supplemented by Jill Santopietro and her "tiny (!!!!!!!)" New York City apartment. Is the size of her MANHATTAN apartment supposed to garnish (pardon the pun) sympathy from us folks elsewhere with huge kitchens that cost about 1/8th as much as it does to live on the lower east side? Fuck that! And this chick sounds like she's a 4th grader doing a book report on the first edition of The Joy of Cooking: (in monotone) "In this weeks New York Times Magazine Christie Melkie....In this Article....It's a braised chicken dish...it's adapted from..." Followed by the classic out of touch NYT pitfall: "The key is good ingredients." More patting on the back for the rich at their dinner parties.
Then of course there's Frank Bruni, who I'm sure is only writing for the Bridge and Tunnelers who eat Chic-Fil-A all week to save up to head into the big city and eat and tell their friends in the country all about it. If that doesn't kick you in the balls for being poor enough you can move on to the wine articles, and finally the occassional article about food regulation from the gov't. Yipee!
My advice is to stick to Chopped & Stewed, and otherwise just do the best you can within your budget. Try to cook as often as you can, and when you go out to eat, drop some cash but make sure it's on something you couldn't make for yourself. Good Luck!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


If anyone wonders what happens in the kitchen at Cafe CK when we discuss this week's menu, this is basically it. The dude in the striped shirt looks like his body is a dummy and hes actually poking his real head through the wall. Also this song is just lot of fun!

Props to Muzikfene

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Gadzooks. Honey baked ham cupcakes topped with cinnamon buttercream frosting and candied pineapple? Natürlich!