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Friday, July 30, 2010


July went by pretty damn quick, in fact what the fuck is happening to 2010? Does anyone else feel like this shit is just breezing past behind tinted windows while you stand in the rain wishing you were in on it with like 50 blunts and Veuve Clicquot? I think its time to drop a dime on 2010. I guess flashing back to the year 2000 and the couple years preceding really isn't helping, but since I don't have the luxury of Power 92.1 over here, instead of listening to whatever Usher or Plies bull is chosen for me I get to just go on youtube and listen to the rap I love while looking at stupid blurry-ass album covers or just images of whatever artist in whatever attitude. I literally just sit here and look at my computer while listening to 'Holla Holla' because I'm not downloading Ja Rule onto my computer. There should be a Mexican version called "Hola Hola" that's more cheery like most things Mexican, but I suppose the opportunity is long gone. Anyway I made a youtube playlist it starts with the video above, I think you can even just play it through this blog. Whatever yo just peep the July Status while you sip and get high.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Dunky and a bottle of Bucky

WELL it's over. We ran the race. It was what we thought it would be: pretty fucking exhausting. For someone who isn't from Scotland there were a some inspirational moments,
like running through a stream (in my head I was thinking about Braveheart), and the bagpiper on top of the penultimate hill in full Scottish garb.
The rest of the time in Edinburgh I spent mostly just kickin it with Duncan and his family at their house. I definitely ate Haggis for the first time and thought it was pretty good. I also tried this British drink called "IRN BLU" which was basically like drinking bubble gum (in a bad way). I also drank a lot of whisky, which I am now "into" but not like some prick that's into whisky. At one point I selected a whisky at random at some pub, after which the bar wench warned me "This one's seven pounds a nip." At that point the baller in me just couldn't say no. The whisky pretty much tasted like whisky. Another traditional British beverage I tried was "Buckfast." Which is some sort of fortified wine with caffeine in it that supposedly is brewed by monks. These monks must be on some high-altitude nefarious shit because Buckfast made me get buck, fast. Supposedly I was teasing a couple of big dudes, one of which already had a taped up split eyebrow that may have still been bleeding. After being steered away from that trouble I urinated on a taxi and of course the driver is standing right there and wants me to give him money to get his taxi washed to which I was just basically like "nah, doo." But it's a good thing I had friends around. Then we went to somesort of club/cave and there was weird 21st century music playing that made us all dance and sort of divide the floor into those feeling our vibe and those who wanted us dead. At some point a complete stranger brought me water.

Paris was cool; they actually like rap after the year 2000, unlike Germany. Walking into a store and hearing "Turn my Swag on" was a trip. I saw Pharrel. I ate five eclairs in as many days. Don't ever go to Versailles. It is one of the worst places in the world, I'm convinced. Imagine throngs of bebackpacked tourists navigating Tokyo-subway-like overcrowded hallways all while staring at the ceiling. I saw a dude eat shit on a Segway though, that was kind of cool.

Whoaaa this album is so good. Start-to-finish a fun listen with so much swag going on just listening to it makes me feel a bit more "yeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhh." Cool and creepy Drumma Boy beats but just carried with Gucci rapping about how he is the shit. "Mr. Zone 6" is my favorite song on it for now, becuase the second verse he keeps saying "call me Mr. Zone 6" and it's like not really even rapping, and it sounds like he's like rapping in his sleep with his head on the (Gucci) pillow, but it's sort of a build-up to the end where he says "Rose keep poppin / rose colored rolls royce / actin like she don't notice /no, she SEE ME FLOSSIN" as if awakening from some sort of awesome nightmare.
It just comes off hard as fuck at the end.

In other news related to myself and my job I have finally been announced as Da Boss. That's pretty tight considering I was the dishwasher less than a year ago. I still make the same money and am working 75 hours a week but surprisingly so much anxiety has been relieved, prolly cuz I'm doing everything.