I'm on a roll, so butter me

Thursday, August 12, 2010


BLAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA I did it. They gave me two more years to have my way with this bitch this bitch being Berlin. Tight. P 2 USA

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I made these burgers ages ago but they were tight. When I was 18 I got my first job in Richmond at Ipanema, a vegetarian restaurant and I would eat the sweet potato fries off the dirty plates. Gutter Daze.

Sweet Potato fries are really easy to make you just peel them shits and cut em up like fries sposeda be lookin and then fry them in hot oil. Just make sure you don't put too many in becuase the oil will freak out and overflow and then you are fucked. Ok so the recipe portion of this "recipe post" is over complete with precautionary clause so it's time to start bitching.

Speaking of fucked I must once more go through the ordeal of getting a visa to continue to live in Germany. Quite frankly I think anyone should be able to live anywhere, basically that's the deal in Europe anyway but as a U.S. citizen I can't just settle down where I want. I guess that's somewhat fair because the U.S. is the most difficult place for anyone else in the world to take up residence. It makes me want to be an immigration lawyer. If this shit goes south I will be BUMMED OUT. My boy Zach is literally getting married to stay in Europe, unfortunately I don't have a wonderful Danish girlfriend to hold me hostage so that's not an option. Of course I have back up plans but they involve moving all of my shit across an ocean. If I do lose my permission to stay I will blame the restaurant at which I work for not taking the necessary steps to guarantee my renewal, in which case I will post every single fucking recipe on this blog. So stay tuned for misery/excellent Mexican recipes.