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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chopped n Screwed Episode 4

YesorNoDC Presents: Chopped & Screwed Episode 4: Recession Ramen from YESORNODC on Vimeo.

Chopped n Screwed Episode 3

Y/N presents: Chopped & Screwed Episode 3: Stag Night Steak from YESORNODC on Vimeo.

Peep the steaks. These steaks were a little thin for this preparation, gotta get that pan nice and hot to sear them and lock in all that flavor.

Chopped n Screwed Episode 2

Yes Or No DC Presents: Chopped And Screwed - Episode 2 - "Da Bomblette" from YESORNODC on Vimeo.

Nothing says "I don't actually love you" better than an omelet for a nice young lady in the morning. The Caprese omelet is a banger you can even save for yourself. Just remember that you gotta pay attention to your heat, you don't want to give a girl brown eggs just then she's likely to tell everyone LIES about your pee-pee.

Chopped n Screwed Episode 1

Y/N presents Chopped & Screwed - Episode 1: BruXXL Sprouts from YESORNODC on Vimeo.

Ok so here's how to cook Brussels sprouts, one of my favorite vegetables, in foil pouches. Cooking these in foil pouches preserves all the moisture making your sprouts sweaty and saucy.
My favorite flavor combination for this recipe will always be tamari (aged soy sauce) and butter in equal parts, finished with lemon. Anyways you can really do whatever you want this way as shown, and you can also cook a variety of vegetables in this way, they just take a little while is all. Try it with potatoes cut up with rosemary, olive oil, S + P. Good luck!