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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I am going to (try to) blog again

When somebody says, "I'm older now," they usually aren't just uttering a phrase that can't ever be false - they are trying to indicate some maturation from the past or articulate a position from which they can better assess some younger version of themselves. Looking back on old C&S, I can say I feel very glad to be older, and am glad that I have this stuff to look back at and laugh, mostly at myself. I can say I feel more able to communicate clearly and I think I have more substantive things to say about more focused topics, a good deal of it being about food and the restaurant industry. I still love rap, but I don't feel comfortable or equipped to talk about it in the blog format. I still get very irritated by the things that some people do, but I will try to avoid needless rants beyond the self-edifying criticisms of shit I just fucking hate. HOPEFULLY I can get episodes of Chopped & Screwed going again. Oh yeah and I'll try to be funny too.

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